What’s the main challenges when setting up a new shoe brand, how is it to be a small player working together with a big factory, and how do you succeed in today’s highly competitive market? These are some of the questions that Tom Brone, the man behind the brand Sons of Henrey, answers in episode 4 of the Shoegazing Podcast.


Tom Brone when he exhibited at the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm in September.

Tom Brone from Belgium started his journey in the classic shoe world  as an agent for the famous Hungarian brand Vass a number of years ago, he went on to start the Jeeves webshop who sold Vass shoes and much more, and last year he launched his own shoe brand: Sons of Henrey. It immediately managed to make an impact, and has been growing slowly but steadily since the start. In this episode we get an insight into the process of finding a factory and all the challenges in setting up a new brand, and he shares a lot of learnings on being a small player producing in a large factory. A very interesting insight into this part of the shoe world.

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