Many shoe blogs have been started over the years, but unfortunately most are relatively short-lived. One who has been staying around for a couple of years now is Shoe Savante, written by shoe enthusiast Priscilla Leung. The blog deals with high and low in classic shoes with relatively personally written posts.


Priscilla Leung, who runs Shoe Savante lives in the United States, has spent two months as a student / apprentice at the bespoke shoemaker Perry Ercolino in Pennsylvania, and thus has some hands-on experience in making shoes, which is evident in the content. It’s some construction and a bit more geeky stuff, but also different aspects about style and other things, the contest is varied and broad.

Picture from an article about the differences between MTM and bespoke.

Most articles are relatively short and concise, which many people likely appreciate. She has a pretty personal approach, open with what she knows and doesn’t know, and so on. If you appreciate blogs like Shoegazing, you might certainly also enjoy Shoe Savante, who also like myself try to update the blog a couple of times a week.