Passus is a new highly interesting Hungarian brand in the premium segment. The man behind the brand is Reszo Kuti, legendary former Sales Manager at Vass, and they offer completely handmade shoes that combine Eastern European craftsmanship with elegant Western European design.


Beautiful shoes.

Reszo Kuti is known by many since his many years as the Sales Manager at the famous Hungarian manufacturer Vass, and was the one who handled virtually all customer contact with people around the world. Reszo has a great knowledge of shoes, and a few years ago went on to German-Hungarian Heinrich Dinkelacker where he was factory manager, but he left that job last fall to start his first own project: Passus. A project he conducts with Gabor Halmos, a Hungarian who has lived in New York for a long time, from where he runs the large online store

The small workshop they have set up is located in Transylvania.

In Transylvania they have set up its own small workshop, where Passus is manufactured. It’s very small-scale production where everything except the closing of the uppers are done by hand. The standard construction is hand welted at the front and then a wood pegged, narrow waist, like Saint Crispin’s. Here they will also focus on a Made to Order production, where they offer a number of base models and then lots of different leather,s and the shoes are produced in 6-8 weeks. The absolutely highest level of European leather should be used, with oak bark tanned leather soles from J. Rendenbach, and the construction allows fit that resembles bespoke with, for example, proper arch support. Prices start at €890. A clearly interesting new manufacturer, which those who visit the Stockholm super trunk show this autumn will get to see them in the flesh, since it’s already settled that they will be part of the event.

Classic black plain cap toe oxford.

Less classic blue wholecut.

Hand welting.

I like the fact that, although the sole stitching isn’t super dense, they make it with a classic stitch prick marking, instead of just running a fudge wheel over it all to make it look tighter than it actually is which is quite common.

Nice full brogue in light brown.

Chukka in light brown suede, where you also see the lovely bottoms.