There’s a number of highly interesting Chinese quality shoe brands out there (more of that later this week), but most are quite inaccessible for international customers, with orders only through e-mail/Instagram etc. Now one of these, Jim & Jun Shoemaker, has launched a new website for international customers making it really easy to see and order their Goodyear welted and hand welted shoes as MTO or MTM.


Jim & Jun Shoemaker is run by Gordon Wang, who grew up with both his parents working in a shoe factory. He educated himself computer science and worked a a programmer for some time, before following his parents path within shoemaking. In 2006 he set up his own workshop, named after his two children Jim and Jun. Today they are five people working in the workshop, and they have built up a good reputation through the years, quality is considered to be excellent for the price.

Well-made shoes.

With the new website, aimed for the international crowd, the offering that Jim Jun has is showcased in a clear and excellent way. All shoes are done Made to Order, and the catalog of models can be made in a number of different leathers, fiddle back or bevelled waist, a number of different lasts, where you can choose both between three widths and three instep heights. On top of that, you can choose between two construction methods. Either choose what Gordon calls advanced Goodyear, which is a variant of the old school version of Goodyear welting where the welt seam is done directly to the insole, instead of a glued on canvas rib as almost all Goodyear welted shoes do today. These are made on standard lasts and cost from €500, but you can add €90 for a test shoe if you like to be sure of sizing ahead.

Bevelled waist.

Fiddle back waist.

Hand welted.

The other option is Made to Measure hand welted, there the test shoe is included and the shoe is hand lasted and hand welted, with machine stitched outsoles. After the test shoes are received feedback is given and lasts modified accordingly, before final pair is sent. A really good option, which only costs €300 more. There’s also additional add-ons like rubber topys or sunken metal toe taps. Lasted shoe trees and worldwide shipping is included. Estimated delivery time is 10 weeks, test shoes take 2-4 weeks. Also notable is that you can return the shoes if you wish, even if MTO/MTM, though with an 18% restock fee. No doubt we talk about excellent value, now with the new website exemplary presented as well.

Lovely derby.

How the test shoes are made, with cork soles and simpler leather.

The shoes are built tradtionally made with real leather heel and toe stiffeners.

Beautiful adelaides. Pictures: Jim & Jun Shoemakers