As last year we’ve seen a rather early sales season, where many retailers and brands already have started their summer sales. Here I highlight a few of them from various brands.



The British brand Barker runs a fairly large sale, with up to 50% discount on almost 200 different models. Some stuff are not the best – for example do avoid their corrected grain hi-shine leather shoes – but there’s plenty of really good stuff as well. To be able to get their welted shoes for below €200 certainly is a good bargain.




Swedish multi-brand store Skoaktiebolaget have their largest sale to date, which also had further reductions added recently. Been up for a few days so some are already gone, and will likely not be up for too many days more, so could be good to act fast. Between 30-50% discount on models from Löf & Tung, Enzo Bonafé and Saint Crispin’s. Many models, varies how many sizes that’s available.



Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones, the British giant, introduced their online shop earlier this spring, and now they run their first sale. Discounts between 20-30% in general. Not too many models that are part of the sale, but in most cases a lot of sizes of each is available, so many should be able to find something to their liking.




French brand Orban’s already from the start has really low-priced shoes, with Goodyear welted footwear at €160. Now they run a sale on all their Blake stitched loafers, which you can get for €100 now, and some car shoes and sneakers.



A Fine Pair of Shoes

British webshop A Fine Pair of Shoes has a sale labelled as Father’s Day sale, ongoing until June 24th, where they offer a 20% discount sitewide (only exception is Carlos Santos), using the code FATHERSDAY. Go browse their shoes from Barker, Berwick, NPS, Sanders and Tricker’s.



Andrés Sendra

Andrés Sendra is one of the larger factories in Spanish Almansa, producing for a vast amount of brands around the world, but they also have their own brand. They have this type of sale which is rather uncommon nowadays, yet still could be good for some, where they offer a 10% discount on all of their models.


As always, this is just a small selection, do tip about other good sales in the comments section. And as I wrote about recently in this article, don’t just buy shoes on sale cause you can find something cheap, buy things you really need and will use, if it’s not on sale better to buy at full price, will be cheaper in the long run.


(Top photo from Andrés Sendra, start page banner photo from Skoaktiebolaget)