Italigente black calf wholecut oxford

Time again for me to bring out the black shoes (only time this year I believe, which says a bit of the times we still live in), and as I would even if it’d been a black tie event I prefer well-shined calf leather wholecuts or plain cap toe oxfords ahead of patent leather dittos.


As many of you might know, this was the way it should be back in the days, but since the products often used to polish a high shine back then had a tendency to transfer onto the bottom of women’s long dresses during dancing, and due to laziness, patent leather (essentially shitty leather covered with plastic) took over. Should you like me go to a formal occasion with spit-shined calf oxfords and get a comment on it, you know what to say though. Hope you all will have some lovely celebrations, and fingers crossed for 2022 to be an awesome year for us all!