Shoegazing Podcast - Ep. 27, Q&A Special nr. 2 with Daniel Wegan, Catella Shoemaker

Time for another Question and Answer special with Daniel Wegan of Catella Shoemaker. An interesting talk that among other things cover why he think that independent shoemakers is the future and what bespoke shoemakers need to do to continue to be relevant.


This is the second Q&A Special where Daniel answer your questions, the first one was really popular, so we thought we’d do another round. For those who don’t know, Daniel Wegan is a Swede who since many years live in the UK in Kettering, Northampton. He used to work for the bespoke department of Gaziano & Girling, but a few years ago he left to start his own brand Catella. Worth mentioning as well is that he won the World Championships of Shoemaking in 2019.

Daniel Wegan.

Daniel Wegan.

We go through a bunch of topics in this episode, for example we talk about the differences between working at a bigger firm and running his own brand, about the challenges to find good leather, about the use of modern technology in shoemaking, and much more.

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