Guide – Simple corrections of fit nr. 2

Most people know about removable insoles, heel grips, tongue pads etc. to fix various fit issues, what some might not think about though is that if you go to a good cobbler you can have fix the same issues in an even nicer looking and better way. Here I highlight a number of fit modifications that cobblers can do. It’s very common that RTW shoes does not fit perfectly, but in many cases the modifications below can make it really good.

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Inspiration, The picture

The picture – Cobbler of the 21th century

As late as the end of the 90th century most cobblers was basic workshops, they had some sales of shoe care and shoe accessories, but that was all. Today it’s completely different (at least here in the Nordic countries). Now it’s the rule rather than the exception with sales of shoes, and in many cases in really nice store parts. Above is one example from Davidsons Skomakeri in Uppsala, Sweden.

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Italigente Uncovered

Italigente Uncovered nr. 3

One series of articles that’s present on Shoegazing is this one called Italigente Uncovered, where I let you follow the work “behind the scenes” at a Swedish/Italian shoe brand called Italigente that I’m working extra for, and also come with input to us in different ways. In this first article (it’s nr. 3 on the Swedish site, and since the articles in will align I decided to start of at that number here too to not confuse things too much going forward) you will get a brief story about the brand, see a resole work on a pair of our shoes, get news regarding new models, and also give your input on which models we should go for to put in production next year.

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