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The picture – Happy New Year

As always, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Although 2016 ended with a hacked blog (which I just now solved, that’s the reason that this post comes so late here on the English site), it has in many ways been a great year for Shoegazing where both the Swedish and English sites have grown, Shoegazing After Work has been standing events in several parts of the Sweden, and the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm was once again a great success. Next year more exciting things will happen, which will be revealed here soon.

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News – Tranchet Vif

We often talk about the fact that we see a sort of a renaissance for classic shoes nowadays, and yet another example of this is how we more and more see shoes produced in ways tha is closer to art than products supposed to be worn. It’s also what Christophe Corthays new interesting project Tranchet Vif is about. Also info on an upcoming contest in the next newsletter where one can win a well filled shoe care valet box from Care of Carl.

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The picture – Close-cut heel

I quite often are asked what distinguishes shoes in different price ranges, and I’ve also written a lot of posts on this topic. Here I highlight one thing I have come to think of more and more recently when I look at the shoes, and that’s how the heel so to speak flows together with the upper part. An area where you in general quite clearly see a difference between shoes in different price ranges.

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The picture – New materials

The peak of the traditional shoemaking is usually considered to be somewhere around the 1900s, when the competition was enormous, both completely handmade shoes and machine-made shoes were sold en masse, and the knowledge in shoemaking was very great. With the increased interest in classical shoes and the spreading internet makes possible, we are now in the most competitive period in decades, which also benefits the development. One example is the effort to find new variants of material, where the above suede grain is one such example.

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The picture – Cobbler of the 21th century

As late as the end of the 90th century most cobblers was basic workshops, they had some sales of shoe care and shoe accessories, but that was all. Today it’s completely different (at least here in the Nordic countries). Now it’s the rule rather than the exception with sales of shoes, and in many cases in really nice store parts. Above is one example from Davidsons Skomakeri in Uppsala, Sweden.

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