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Korbinian Ludwig Hess RTW

News – Korbinian Ludwig Hess RTW

Experienced bespoke shoemakers know a lot about shoes, and it’s a positive development to see that more and more of these also take the leap into offering Ready to Wear and/or Made to Order to a larger and larger degree. Latest one is the German bespoke shoemaker Korbinian Ludwig Hess who has developed a fully handmade wholecut slipper offered below €800.

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Report – Gerberei Martin, traditional oak bark sole leather tannery

Gerberei Martin is perhaps the oldest still existing tannery in the world, founded in 1645, and run by the same family ever since. They make the most traditional oak bark tanned sole leather around, with at least 24 months in the pits resulting in extremely durable leather soles, and have a highly interesting old-school approach to the whole business. Shoegazing paid them a visit.

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Buying tip

Buying tip – Three highly interesting new shoemakers

With the pandemic having the world in its grip for over a year, making it tough for already well-established shoe brands out there, one have to admire – and give support to – the ones who actually set out to start a new brand at this stake. Today I highlight three highly interesting makers of handmade footwear that just started their own brands: Hung Shoemaker from Taiwan, Siroeno Yosui from Japan, and Mogada from Germany.

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