One of the lovely things with famous bespoke shoemakers launching RTW ranges is that the beautiful last shapes of some of the most famous lastmakers becomes more accessible. The latest in line is Foster & Son who has used bespoke lasts by legendary lastmaker Terry Moore as base for their RTW lasts. Pictured here is a RTW semi brogue on Moore’s iconic soft square toe shape.


This Foster & Son model found at Skoaktiebolaget is made on the 66 last, named after the year that Terry Moore started at the company. He retired a few years ago, but a lot of his legacy is still left both within Foster’s bespoke and now RTW offerings. It’s the same with some of Cleverley’s finer RTW, that has the classic Cleverley chiseled toes, which George Cleverley in turn took from the legendary bespoke maker Nicolaus Tuczek whom he worked for in his early days. Other more recent examples are Stefano Bemer’s low spring lasts brought to RTW, and Yohei Fukuda’s loved chiseled toe shape that he now offer as RTW.