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Report - Raymar Shoes

Report – Raymar Shoes

Raymar, often called “the Japanese Meermin”, has been making waves domestically in recent years and grown their steadily. Now they also start to turn to the international market with their highly affordable Goodyear welted and hand welted shoes – with the latter offered from less than €200 – not least with the participation at the London Super Trunk Show next month. Here’s an interview with the two brothers behind the brand.

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London Super Trunk Show 2023

London Super Trunk Show 2023

On Saturday May 13 it’s back – one of the world’s largest open event on quality shoes, The London Super Trunk Show, organised by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob. In the middle of London on 12 Regent Street, we gather 11 brands from all over the world, partners exhibit, there will be the World Championships of Shoe Shining and Shoe Patina, plus the World Championships of Shoemaking have its award ceremony and competition shoes displayed, and for the first time we have a second hand shoe marketplace on site.

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Raymar Shoes
Buying tip

Buying tip – Raymar launches international webshop

One of the most hyped Japanese brands the last couple of years is Raymar. Sometimes called “the Japanese Meermin”, they have a lot in common, with Chinese-made extremely affordable Goodyear welted and hand welted shoes, classic styles and lasts in famous laters, with lots of new models coming out all the time. This week they introduced their international webshop.

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