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Event – 2021 Independent Shoemakers Conference online

This weekend the annual Independent Shoemakers Conference takes place, the first edition to be held online, due to obvious reasons. The positive thing is that it makes it even more accessible for all shoemakers, and those who are interested in shoemaking. A lot of knowledge is shared in videos and seminars with shoemakers from around the world, and conference participants have a full month to view all the content. Also briefly about the fact that we have once again postponed the London Super Trunk Show, new date is Saturday October 9.

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Guide – Resoling and re-heeling

Traditionally constructed shoes, not least stitched ones, are almost always marketed with emphasis on the possibilities of resoling and repairing them. It often appears that they can be resoled forever. It’s not that simple, though. Here I go through the possibilities and shortcomings of the most common construction methods, as well as the conditions for re-heeling and resoling.

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Report – TLB Mallorca Artista

Artista is a new top range from the Spanish brand TLB Mallorca, a range that I’ve been involved in developing, through my work for their retailer Skolyx. It’s an ambition at bringing some features taken from bespoke shoes into the midrange price segment of Goodyear welted shoes, offering a lot for the €425 they cost. Here’s a report about this project, now about to launch.

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