On Saturday it’s time for the third edition of the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm. Here’s some practical information that can be useful for those who plan to visit the event, and also for those who intend to follow the live broadcast of the stage programme here on the blog.


For detailed information about the event, see this post, but here’s a quick summary. We gather Meermin, Yanko, Vass, Hiro Yanagimachi and Roberto Ugolini together with the event partners Brunngård, Oppermann London and Frank Clegg at Scandic Anglais close to Stureplan in the central parts of Stockholm. Also exhibiting are Gaziano & GirlingItaligente and The Swedish Cobblers’ Association plus that Michael Håkansson paint patina live. On stage there will be a shoe repair school with Skomakeri Framåt, the final of the Swedish Championship in Shoe Shining in collaboration with Brunngård where the 1st prize is shoes from Loake, and an open question and answer session with people from the shoe industry (Daniel Wegan, Gaziano & Girling, Janne Melkersson, Melker Shoes and Boots, och Patrik Löf, Skoaktiebolaget). There’s a short overview, now on to some practical info:

– To get to the exhibition area you enter through Scandic Anglais large main entrance at Humlegårdsgatan 23, straight ahead past the lobby and up the grand staircase. Then the event will be held to to the left above the stairs, with Italigente’s outlet, bar and stage in a large lounge area, and then through a number of doors you access to the main exhibition hall where the others are gathered. There will be signs showing the way to make sure that no one gets lost. Although it’s a stair, it’s very accessible, actually even closer to the entrance than last year, and elevators go right up to the area of the event.
09.30 we let the 150 who signed up for the VIP spots in, then from 11.00 up to 18.00, it’s open for everyone, and there is no need to register or anything, just swing by.


Meermin is one of the crowdpleasers exhibiting.

Meermin is one of the crowdpleasers exhibiting.


– A bar that serves coffee, tea, beer, wine, sandwiches and snacks will be open from 11 am, and is located in the same part as the stage area. Please note that the hotel don’t take cash, so it’s card payment only. Bathroom is found if you go to the right above the stairs in the middle of the lounge area available there.

– The whole showroom has carpeting, and there will be a number of mirrors deployed. Yanko / Skolyx will have a que number system for those who want to try out their size in the brand’s different lasts, but you can also get help with questions and other stuff directly. For Meermin and Vass you will simply queue up for help, it worked ok last year, and we hope you visitors have the same calm and patience this year. Hiro Yanagimachi have no appointments, so one ask for help with the testing size and to place an order, through his MTO approach that he has (more on that in large invitation and here on Hiro’s blog). If you want to order full bespoke from Roberto Ugolini, he has an appointment list that you can book in on, e-mail to robertougolini69@gmail.com to book in advance, otherwise you can of course make a drop-in and decide to order at the spot. Several manufacturers will have some women’s shoes with them.

– Meermin, Yanko and Italigente sell shoes directly on site, and also take orders. Also Vass sells on site, but here you book the pair you want and pick them up after 16.30, so that there’san opportunity for everyone to try different lasts and sizes, and of course they also accept orders. For Hiro Yanagimachi, Roberto Ugolini and Gaziano & Girling there is no direct sale, just orders. Brunngård will bring a lot of shoe care products for sale, and Oppermann London and Frank Clegg showcases and sells a wide range of their bags and accessories, and also takes orders.


The Swedish Championship in Shoe Shining at 15.00 is one of the highlights during the day. Pictures: Milad Abedi

The Swedish Championship in Shoe Shining at 15.00 is one of the highlights during the day. Pictures: Milad Abedi


– At 16.45 it’s time for the mingle, and those of you who registered for this can pick a glass of cava at the bar, and you’re of course welcome to order more drinks in the bar afterwards. There’ll be about 80 people for the mingle part. Dinner is then at 20.00, where we are about 65 people, and it’s kept in the lounge part which lies to the right when coming up the big stairs. There will be five different canapés served, and there’s supposed to be one of each for everyone.

– The three sessions on the stage will all be broadcasted live here on the blog. It’s done in a simple form, since we do not have the budget for other things, but hopefully it should still work fine for those who want to follow this (please note that it will be in Swedish though, but for example the shoe shining competition can be quite cool to see anyway). At 13.00 it’s a shoe repair school with Carina Eneroth from Skomakeri Framåt, where she shows and tells what cobblers can do, and also answer questions. At 15.00 it’s the final of the Swedish Championship in Shoe Shining in cooperation with Brunngård, where Anders Ericsson, Jacob Mattson, Michael Håkansson and Tor Jonsson will battle it out for the title. They have 20 minutes to polish up a light brown Loake 1880 Aldwych as good looking as possible. Then at 17.00 it’s an open question and answer session with Daniel Wegan who is the head ofGaziano & Girling’s bespoke department in Northampton, the bespoke shoemaker Janne Melkersson who has worked 40 years in various parts of the footwear industry, and Patrik Löf, founder and owner of the famous shoe store Skoaktiebolaget.

– As always, we use the hashtag #supertrunk in social media like Instagram, so those of you who take pictures during the event are welcome to use this, and those that aren’t in place can the hashtag to follow what happens during the day and probably see many nice shoes. As for Facebook the event’s page can be found here, if you haven’t already done so, please go and indicate that you are going there, and spread the word to friends and acquaintances.


You’re all very welcome on Saturday, we organizers very much look forward to the event, and we hope and believe in a good atmosphere and another great super trunk!