We are pleased to present this year’s edition of the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm Saturday September 2. This year we focus a bit more on Swedish online companies, the line-up will be Myrqvist (Herrstil), Yanko (Skolyx), The Sabot (also with Andrés Sendra, Antonio Meccariello and Yohei Fukuda), Jan Kielman and Hiro Yanagimachi. Plus Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, shoe care workshop and an open Q&A with people from the shoe industry.


The event is on Facebook here, please feel free to state your participation there and we will get a hum about the number of visitors early, and please share with your friends.

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Date: Saturday September 2 2017
Location: Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23, Stockholm, Sweden

Full program for the day:

09.30-11.00 Trunk show VIP opening (150 pre-registered visitors FULL)

11.00-18.00 Trunk show open to the public, NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED (with Myrqvist (Herrstil), Yanko (Skolyx), The Sabot (also with Andrés Sendra, Antonio Meccariello and Yohei Fukuda), Jan Kielman and Hiro Yanagimachi. Smaller exhibition with Gaziano & Girling. Exhibing are also the event’s partners Springyard, Berg & Berg (ties and accessories), Carl Friedrik (leather bags and accessories) and Fred & Matt (overshoes).

09.30-17.00 Patina painting live with Magic Mike Patina

13.00-13.45 Shoe care workshop with Dennis Boström, Södermalms Sko & Nyckelservice

15.00-15.30 Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, in cooperation with Springyard, 1st prize shoes from Loake

17.00-17.40 Ask the shoe people. Open Q&A with Filip Hallerfelt, agent Loake, Anders Björkman, Chairman of the Swedish Cobblers’ Association, and Emelie Stenlund, cobbler and bespoke shoemaker at Skomakeri Framåt and Södermalms Sko & Nyckelservice

20.00 Dinner (Mediterranean buffet for 300 SEK. Register at shoegazingblog@gmail.com and advance payment by 6 August, more info below.)


From last year’s event when around 900 people came.

We who arrange the event, me, Roland Olsson, Adrien Combier Hogg and Joakim Berggren, said quite early that we would go withthe basic concept for three years, then evaluate and see how we would continue, if we would make any major changes or go on as before. So after last year’s event, we sat down and talked about things, and have landed in a continuation that is a lot  like before, but at least for this year’s event with a bit different focus. To start, the event is held at the same venue as last year, just at Stureplan on Humlegårdsgatan 23, in Scandic Anglais‘  largest conference room on the second floor. The scene is just outside. It worked very well last year, both we organisers and visitors were pleased with the venure, and it’s nice to have found a site that works and we can return to.

The location for the event, in the middle of Stockholm.

In the exhibition route, it will be a bit different, now with more focus on “Swedish”. As many surely knew, the idea of ​​the super trunk was to take brands that are not easily accesible in Sweden, but last year French Septieme Largeur was forced to withdraw and we replaced them with Yanko/Skolyx. It was appreciated to have them there, although it is a Swedish online store, many people hesitate to order online and most had not seen Yanko in reality. As a result of the response there, we have therefore invited three Swedish stores/brands that’s only available online this year. As last time, the Gothenburg-based online shop Skolyx  who sells the Spanish brand Yanko, Majorca-made Goodyear welted shoes with an impressive level for the price of 2 600 SEK. We also invited Myrqvist, which is the online shop Herrstils‘ own brand, also these Goodyear welted shoes and manufactured in India, which enables pricing below 2 000 SEK. The Sabot is an online store that opens shortly and sells its own brand made by Antonio Meccariello, amazing shoes for 4 600 SEK, and the store also has Meccariello’s own Argentum line, Spanish Andrés Sendra and Japanese Yohei Fukuda’s RTW.
In addition to these exhibitors, we are very pleased to get here Polish bespoke shoemaker Jan Kielman, who offers full bespoke where the price starts as low as 7 900 SEK (e-mail jan@kielman.pl to pre-book an appointment). And then, Japanese Hiro Yanagimachi returns, whose shoes are among the finest you can get in the world, where MTO starts from 14 500 SEK (e-mail hiroyworkshop@nifty.com to pre-book an appointment).

Myrwvist shoe with a half rubber sole.

Yanko full brogue.

Shoes from The Sabot. Picture: Milad Abedi

Jan Kielman quarter brogues.

Wingtip adelaide from Hiro Yanagimachi on the international last.

As usual, the partners who make the event possible are exhibiting during the day. The main partner is Springyard, the Swedish shoe care wholesaler Brunngård’s own brand. Springyard has become famous not least for its series Shoe Therapy, which consists of a wide range of organic, environmentally friendly products, ranging from leather lotion and creams to an impregnation spray that you can use indoors.
Partners this year are three brands. Berg & Berg, the Norwegian-Swedish tie and the accessory brand, whose affordable, stylish, mainly Italian-made products have been a great favorite for many Swedes for years. Carl Friedrik (formerly Oppermann London) makes minimalistic, elegant leather bags and accessories made in Italy of the finest leather. And finally the Swedish company Fred & Matt, who has developed a new modern type of galosch that is becoming increasingly popular among the shoe nerds.
In addition to these, Michael Håkansson and Magic Mike Patina returns and make patina on shoes during the day and talk shoe painting with you visitors, and Daniel Wegan from Gaziano & Girling is on site and shows bespoke and MTO shoes from them and takes orders for those who are interested.

Springyard’s organic shoe care products.

Berg & Berg ties.

Various briefcase models from Carl Friedrik.

Fred & Matt’s modern overshoes.

The stage programme starts at 13.00 with an open shoe care workshop where Dennis Boström from Södermalms Sko & Nyckelservice teaches various shoe care techniques and tips and tricks. Springyard provides shoe care products for everyone who participates, and you sit together with Dennis and try out things and learn directly. Those who want can, of course, just follow the workshop from the side.
At 15:00, the fourth edition of Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining is held in collaboration with Springyard, where the winner gets a pair of shoes from Loake. Three finalists have 20 minutes to shine a Loake 1880 Aldwych Tan as beautiful as possible. Qualification for the contest will start next week, more information then.
The day ends with an open Q&A with people from the shoe industry. On stage this year, we have Filip Hallerfelt, agent Loake, Anders Björkman, Chairman of the Swedish Cobblers’ Association, and Emelie Stenlund, cobbler and bespoke shoemaker at Skomakeri Framåt and Södermalms Sko & Nyckelservice.

From last year’s Swedish shoe shining championships final.

Dennis Boström, to the left, hosts the shoe care workshop, and Emelie Stenlund, to the right, is one of the participants in the open Q&A with people from the shoe industry,

The event is open to everyone and is completely free of charge. As before, we have a VIP opening in the morning between 09.30 and 11.00 for 150 pre-registered visitors, it has always been fully subscribed, so do not wait too long to register (FULL). The aim is to spread visitors out a bit, so it’s not super crowdy at 11 when it opens to everyone.

Shoe discussions.

In the evening after 20:00, we have a dinner open to all, a great place for exhibitors, professionals and visitors to chat in more relaxed environment. This year there is a Mediterranean buffet that costs 300 SEK. For dinner, advance payment is required. The last day to sign up for dinner is August 6, and that’s also the last day you need to pay the money (pay with PayPal to shoegazingblog@gmail.com, write the name(a) for who you are paying).

As usual, we also offer discounted rates for rooms at Scandic Anglais, as there are plenty of people traveling to Stockholm for the event, and maybe also takes a weekend in the capital. Prices are SEK 1,891 for single room, SEK 2,091 for double rooms. For room booking please mail to meeting.anglais@scandichotels.com or call 08-51734077, use the booking code: 46129289. Please note that the number of rooms at the discounted price is limited, so if you want to be part of the offer you should not wait too long.

For those who can not visit the event, the stage programme will be live streamed in a slightly simpler form here on the blog and / or on Facebook, we will return to this.