News - Efe Laborde launches MTO offering
Buying tip

Buying tip – Efe Laborde launches MTO offering

The British-based bespoke shoemaker William Efe Laborde now introduces a Made to Order service, with shoes made to exactly the same standard as his full bespoke, but on standard lasts available in two different toe shapes and in four widths. Initially an oxford and a derby are available as base models, and the leather options are spectacular, with among other things several vintage Freudenberg leathers.

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Buyer's guide - Oct. Tenth
Buyer's guide

Buyer’s guide – Oct. Tenth

One of the more established players that has emerged on the Chinese scene of men’s shoes in recent years is Oct. Tenth, the house brand of what’s known to many as the Xibao workshop. With the move to a new workshop location, a new website, and a new factory manager, they now enter the era of Oct. Tenth 2.0. Here’s a buyer’s guide to the brand, with a pair of Made to Measure derbies I have made as a base.

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Report - Vogel NYC

Report – Vogel NYC

One of the oldest remaining shoe and bootmakers in the US are going for a renaissance under new ownership. Shoegazing has visited their store and workshop on central Manhattan, and got a glimpse into the high ambitions of the company to create a new American powerhouse for custom made shoes and boots.

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Buyer's guide - Calzoleria Carlino
Buyer's guide

Buyer’s guide – Calzoleria Carlino

Calzoleria Carlino is an Italian maker who slowly but steadily started to make a name of itself domestically and internationally in recent years. An old-school, traditional Italian style enhanced by the extensive use of some amazing vintage leathers, combined with a good price tag, makes them highly interesting. Here’s a buyer’s guide to the brand, with a pair of remote bespoke lazyman oxfords in vintage pigskin they’ve made for me as a base.

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Korbinian Ludwig Hess RTW

News – Korbinian Ludwig Hess RTW

Experienced bespoke shoemakers know a lot about shoes, and it’s a positive development to see that more and more of these also take the leap into offering Ready to Wear and/or Made to Order to a larger and larger degree. Latest one is the German bespoke shoemaker Korbinian Ludwig Hess who has developed a fully handmade wholecut slipper offered below €800.

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