Report - Vogel NYC

Report – Vogel NYC

One of the oldest remaining shoe and bootmakers in the US are going for a renaissance under new ownership. Shoegazing has visited their store and workshop on central Manhattan, and got a glimpse into the high ambitions of the company to create a new American powerhouse for custom made shoes and boots.

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Buyer's guide - Calzoleria Carlino
Buyer's guide

Buyer’s guide – Calzoleria Carlino

Calzoleria Carlino is an Italian maker who slowly but steadily started to make a name of itself domestically and internationally in recent years. An old-school, traditional Italian style enhanced by the extensive use of some amazing vintage leathers, combined with a good price tag, makes them highly interesting. Here’s a buyer’s guide to the brand, with a pair of remote bespoke lazyman oxfords in vintage pigskin they’ve made for me as a base.

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Korbinian Ludwig Hess RTW

News – Korbinian Ludwig Hess RTW

Experienced bespoke shoemakers know a lot about shoes, and it’s a positive development to see that more and more of these also take the leap into offering Ready to Wear and/or Made to Order to a larger and larger degree. Latest one is the German bespoke shoemaker Korbinian Ludwig Hess who has developed a fully handmade wholecut slipper offered below €800.

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