The picture - Stitchdown casuals
The picture

The picture – Stitchdown casuals

Even if I mainly show off my various welted shoes here on the blog or in social media, I of course have a bunch of other footwear as well, like sidewall stitched sneakers, Blake stitched Belgian loafers or – as pictured here – Sidewall stitched casual shoes. The soft suede and crepe rubber sole makes them really comfortable and suitable for many informal occasions.

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Report - Raymar Shoes

Report – Raymar Shoes

Raymar, often called “the Japanese Meermin”, has been making waves domestically in recent years and grown their steadily. Now they also start to turn to the international market with their highly affordable Goodyear welted and hand welted shoes – with the latter offered from less than €200 – not least with the participation at the London Super Trunk Show next month. Here’s an interview with the two brothers behind the brand.

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News - Yanko stitchdown range

News – Yanko stitchdown range

The company i work for, Skolyx, has just introduced a new range of casual stitchdown boots and shoes from the Spanish brand Yanko. A type of footwear that’s soft and flexible, low-priced yet easily resoelable, a good entry-point in to better shoes for many who are used to just cemented stuff, as well as for those who love welted shoes but needs more casual stuff as well.

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