We live in a society that loves celebrities, which of course also is reflected in the shoe business. Different manufacturers are more than happy to show-off which famous people who are customers of them. At British Cleverley various celebrities lasts hang strategically far out in the last room, including those above belonging to the US actor Tom Hanks.


Cleverley is likely the brand that has taken the celebrity craze furthest among the manufacturers of classic shoes. Their website highlight various quotes about their shoes from well-known actors and soccer players, and they like to show pictures on their Instagram of when Hollywood celebrities wear their shoes on the red carpet. The son of the owner duo, George Glasgow Jr, has actually moved to Hollywood. But Cleverley aren’t the only ones displaying their famous customers, for example Foster & Son has the lasts of Bing Crosbys and Paul Newman on display just inside the door of the showroom, and John Lobb Ltd is more than happy to say that they have a Royal Warrant to the British Royal House and talk about all famous customers they have had over the years.