Savile Row, running parallel to Regent Street in the central parts of London, is known as the no. 1 tailor street in the world. Also classic shoes have begun to populate the street, and recently the Vass retailer Ascot Shoes and the shoe shining and patina service The Jaunty Flaneur moved in with the tailor Cad & the Dandy on 13 Savile Row.


The main street for shoe shops in London is Jermyn Street, which is a bit south from Savile Row, but here on the tailor street, Gaziano & Girling opened its first own store a few years ago, a take that proved to be excellent. Although many of the tailor-made companies have a smaller range of quality shoes, they are not specialists, and demanding tailoring customers have at least in some cases also high demands on footwear.
A few weeks ago, it was time for the next bigger shoe entry on the street, at Cad & The Dandy, the new modern tailoring house on 13 Savile Row, one floor up from the street. Here we now find Ascot Shoes, operated by Karl Chu and since many years working closely with the Hungarian brand Vass being their main retailer, and The Jaunty Flaneur, who have their shoe shining services in some locations in Mayfair and now also offers patina. It is Jaunty Flaneur’s people who you’ll meet in the store and who help with trying on shoes etc.

Tom Beecroft from The Jaunty Flaneur helps a customer interested in a pair of shoes from Vass.

Tom Beecroft from The Jaunty Flaneur helps a customer interested in a pair of shoes from Vass.

First of all, there are several Vass lasts in different sizes and samples displayed, plus bundles with leather swatches to receive MTO orders, although they also have some RTW for sale on site, and also access to Ascot’s large stock which you can get shoes from. Prices start at £720 for shoes, and a bit over£150 more for boots.
For a shoe shine you pay £20, patina starts at £ 145. They also have a lot of shoe care products for sale here.
Apart from this they will host trunk shows with bespoke shoemakers from Europe and Asia. The first one is Hong Kong based Masaru Okyuama who will visit October 23-25.
In other words, another stop for shoe nerds visiting London.

Patinering and kicking table. Pictures: Ascot Shoes

Patina and shoe shining table. Pictures: Ascot Shoes