Shoe care is a subject that is of great interest, and for natural reasons it wo in film format, as you can easily understand how things are done. An excellent source for this is The Hanger Project’s YouTube channel, which releases a new video every week about, in particular, different aspects of shoe care.


The Hanger Project is run by Texas based Kirby Allison, and is one of the world’s largest online stores when it comes to shoe and clothing care products. They mainly sell Saphir’s shoe care products, and these are also mostly used in the films on the YouTube channel, but many of the better forestry brands have the corresponding products in their range. Kirby Allison collaborates with a local production company, which means that the quality is better than the many mobile films that YouTube otherwise drowns in. The movies can be both in-depth guides, like an almost 30 minutes long film showcasing their so-called Presidential Shine (washing, cream, wax), and shorter films concerning more narrow areas like cleaning brushes or handing like the sole edges. Most of them are about shoe care, but there’s also films where Kirby Allison unboxes new bespoke shoes and about clothing care etc.

At present, there are about 70 movies in The Hanger Project's YouTube channel. Picture: The Hanger Project

Currently there is about 70 movies on The Hanger Project’s YouTube channel. Picture: The Hanger Project

In basically all movies there’s Kirby Allison himself who is worth and goes through the different topics. What I like is that it may take time, many clips are 10-15 minutes long and sometimes more than that, but it also means that you really get a good picture of what is being done. In particular, for those who have recently begun to take care of their shoes more properly, Hanger Project’s YouTube channel can be rewarding. Then, as always, you should be aware that when it comes to shoe care much is up to personal preferences and you don’t need to follow things exactly, but try to find what works for you.