Yesterday, the famous menswear store The Armory launched its own shoe range. Made in Northampton in England, with last and designs made by the Japanese Yohei Fukuda, it can be an interesting option in the midrange.


As most probably know, The Armory has two stores in Hong Kong and one in New York. They have many strong brands in the stores, for shoes mainly Carmina and Saint Crispin’s. The Private Label range from start consists of three different classic oxford models, all in two leather choices. A plain cap toe in black and dark brown, semi brogue in dark brown and brown suede, full brogue in black and dark brown. However, these are so-called faux variants, where cap/wingtip are purely decorative, all models are made in three leather pieces (although The Armory’s product description can give the impression that theyare wholecuts, but it’s not the case), a vamp/toe and two quarters. It creates a slightly neater and more elegant impression. The last made by Yohei Fukuda is called Hajime, also this clean and and classic, with a soft square toe.

Two of the models included in The Armory's new Private Label range.

Two of the models included in The Armory’s new Private Label range.

The price is approximately €430 ($ 495), for this you get Goodyear welted shoes with closed channel in the oak bark leather sole made in the British shoe district Northampton. It isn’t stated which factory that manufactures the shoes, but when I look closer at the pictures, my guess would be that they are made by Cheaney, who is also a big producer of Private Label shoes.

Nice read that feels very versatile.

Nice last that feels very versatile.

This wing tip with natural sulfinish. Photos: The Armory

A wingtip with naturally finished sole. Photos: The Armoury