Skomaker Dagestad in Oslo is one of Scandinavia’s most well-assorted shoe stores, with brands like Alden, Alfred Sargent, Edward Green, Japanese Clinch – Brass, and many more. This fall they have also built a webshop worth the name, making their nice range easily accessible also for people outside the Oslo area.


Norwegian shoe shop and shoemaker Skomaker Dagestad have been very successful with their store model with a very wide range of brands. In alphabetical order, they stock Alden, Alfred Sargent, Carmina, Clinch – Brass, Edward Green, Enzo Bonafé, Heschung, Gaziano & Girling, Heschung, Loake, Paraboot, Red Wing, Saint Crispin’s and Silvano Sassetti (a few brands aren’t avaulable in the online store yet, but will be added shortly). Just a thing as having a dozen models in cordovan from the American brand Alden, otherwise a surprisingly hard-to-find brand in Europe where retailers usually only have a couple of models.

Classical Alden boot in cordovan in wine-red hue color 8.

A personal favorite in their offerings is the store’s own variants of some of Alfred Sargent’s popular oxfords, such as the plain cap toe Armfield, made with the thin Wensum rubber sole. For all customers outside of Norway you have the possibility to deduct the Norweigan VAT. Depending on which country you live in and the rules for import, you may have to pay VAT and customs there, but for example US customers doesn’t have to pay anything extra for shoes below $800.

The derby Sedley from Edward Green.

Alfred Sargent’s nice Exclusive range, Dagestad has some shop-exclusive models with a thin rubber sole, making them an extra versatile shoe.

Austerity brogue in museum calf leather from Spanish Carmina.

Dagestad also has some women’s shoes in the offer, like this delicious boot from American Red Wing. All pictures: Skomaker Dagestad