From being a relatively unusual phenomenon, especially outside France and Italy, patination of shoes have completely exploded in the last decade. Today you have the opportunity to get shoes painted from lots of places, and in many different ways. The picture above is of shoes from the French brand JM LeGazel, where the middle shoe is in unpainted crust leather, the two next to it are some of the more or less infinite amount of patina options available.


At JM LeGazel, you first choose a model in crust leather, then what patina you want it painted in, and after a few weeks you will pick up the shoes. A business model that is quite common especially in France. It is also here that it is said that the technique of painting shoes in this way was born, when Olga Berluti began experimenting with trying to recreate the shifting color and depth that well-sed old shoes could have. At a time when people don’t want to wait for things and often strive to be unique, patina painting of shoes is obviously brilliant.