Instagram’s significance for inspiration but also knowledge continues to be extensive. Here are ten new tip on interesting accounts all shoe interested should follow.


Jim McCormack is a not known to many, but among the people in the shoe industry he is a very respected name, for decades he has been a hardworking freelance bespoke shoemaker for the big firms in England. His instagram is an insight into his little shed of a workshop located in the backyard of his house outside of London.



European Blend Noswbox is one one of the most prominent collectors of classic vintage shoes in the world. “Noswbox” stands for New Old Stock With Box, thus old product in new condition with box, the most sought after for collectors. Both ones and shoes he uses and use shoes he bought from the past century can be inspired by here.



Eiji Murata, alias Main d’Or, has previously been one of the more difficult to access of the Japanese bespoke makers, without either website or social media. When I was in Japan this fall, I was having dinner with him and other shoe people, and discussed thoroughly why he should start at least an Instagram account. He has done it now (not just one but two, since he could not add pictures from the computer to the account above, so you should follow this too). Really interesting to follow, not least when he in picture series shares in detail how he works to make his very nice shoes.



Andre Simha is a very friendly Swiss who has a bigger shoe collection than most. He buys shoes from all sorts of brands around the world, and travels around to visit many of these manufacturers, he has also been on super trunks in both Stockholm and London.



Jean-Michel Casalonga leads the work in Berluti’s large bespoke workshop in Paris. He doesn’t only post shoe-related pictures, but enough of Berluti’s delicious pieces and pictures from the workshop to make his account worth following.

Sam Norsworthy is a young ability that educates himself to become a closer (who assembles the upper leathers) at Gaziano & Girling in Northampton. He is one of these people that put in an incredible amount of time to develop himself, and gladly learns other parts of shoemaking as well. Interesting to follow his journey and see how far he can go.



Style Journal Daily is an account that belongs to a dapper man with a more than decent shoe collection. He also takes really nice pictures that gives you a good feeling for the shoes.



DW Frommer II is not least known for those who often visit Styleforum, where he is frequent poster. An American bespoke shoemaker with many decades in the profession, who makes both boots and shoes. It’s fun to follow these American shoemakers and get an insight into a slightly different shoe culture than our European.



Noriyuki Misawa is a Japanese that is doing things a bit different than most others, the base is a form of art pieces that he exhibits around the world. Many of the works are truly amazing, both the aesthetics and the craftsmanship. However, he also makes regular bespoke shoes for customers.



Sima Prague is not a shoe person, but for those who everyone who like leather crafts. One of the world’s most reputable manufacturers of leather bags and accessories, where everything is sewn by hand. Also take nice pictures of their works.


You can find earlier Instagram tips here: Nr 4 is in English, rest only on the Swedish site, nr 3nr 2nr 1.