For inspiration, in any area that can be displayed in a picture really, Instagram is currently the largest and most important source. It also applies for the classic shoe sphere. Here are ten interesting accounts to follow.


thunder_march is a young Asian man with a very big interest in shoes. He has shoes from many different manufacturers, which makes the account excellent for inspiration. Before it was a bit static with the same style in the pictures all the time, albeit with different shoes, but it has become more diverse recently.



emiko.matsuda manages the operations of the famous bespoke shoemaker Foster & Son in London. Here you get a nice glimpse behind the scenes of shoemaking, so to say, mixed with some “civilian” images.




Ett foto publicerat av Michael Håkansson (@magicmikepatina)

Behind the alias magicmikepatina we find Michael Håkansson, who will be painting patina live during the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm in a few weeks. Here he shows up painted shoes, and hopefully there will also be some pictures from the painting process.



yuyaviy reminds a lot of thunder_march above, this is also a man with a fantastic shoe collection which stands for the inspiration. Yohei Fukuda, Anthony Cleverley, John Lobb Paris, Alden, Nobuyoshi Seki, Edward Green, JM Weston and many others. The fact that he has a wide collection in terms of both manufacturers and the type of shoes makes it extra nice.



Lets make some wholecuts ? #shoemaking #bespoke #madeinsweden #madeinjämtland #apprientice #handcrafted #handmade #leathercraft

Ett foto publicerat av Daniel Eliasson (@dedanieleliasson)

dedanieleliasson is a former student of the Swedish bespoke shoemaker Janne Melkersson, who is slowly but surely working on his own shoemaking. It’s always fun to follow the progress of someone who is relatively new, when each finished shoe is clearly better than the previous.



Tokyo based world footwear gallery is one of the best shoe stores in the world. On their Instagram they showcase their wide variety of brands, show brands who come to them for trunk shows, and those who have workshops inside the stores. A lot of shoe candy.



shoeremake is one of many Swedish cobblers who are skilled in the use of social media. This account shows a lot of before and after pictures, and is also one of those who early on embraced the new feature Instagram Stories where the short videos really get the feeling that one follows the work in the workshop.



stefanravnanger stefanravnanger works art Skomaker Dagestad in Oslo, Norway, and offers images both from there, from “shoe trips”, and of course of his own shoes. He mixes the heaviest French boots with the most delicate Japanese oxfords, so there is something for everyone.



ggdecoman is distinct with what he and this account is, a man and his Deco shoes. More specifically shoes from British Gaziano & Girling’s top range Deco, which this guy has a lot of shoes from. A really nice account, and every once in a while you actually get to see some shoes that aren’t from the Deco line.