This is a topic I’ve been touching previously here on the blog, but since it’s something I still get a lot of questions about it, it might be worth its own article. We talk about cleaning your application brushes.

After you’ve been using the brushes to apply cream on a number of shoes, be it  or the whole shoes, the function will deteriorate significantly. Even if you have only use the brushes between the sole and heel edge and the upper, it is difficult to apply even layers. For those who use the brush for the entire shoe, it it’s even more important with brushes in good condition. After a while, it’s no longer enough to rub them up against a cloth to make them softer.

Removing the dried cream is really quite simple, just using the right product. And cream is relatively easily solved, best is to use your regular washing-up liquid and under running water rub the brushes in the sink. Have the dish soap ladder properly, and the brushes should soon be rather clean. Wipe them off with some paper and let dry.

After the above procedure, the brushes are looking nice again. If you only do this regularly, you can have a brush for a very long time without having to change it.