A good sale is always appreciated by you readers, and one of these started at Skoaktiebolaget today, with lots of models from all their brands reduced by between 20-30 percent in most cases. Among other things, everything remaining from Carlos Santos and Paolo Scafora, since they will stop carrying those brands.


The reason why Skoaktiebolaget ends with Carlos Santos is stated to be since they are too close to their own brand Löf & Tung, which they are investing heavily in, and for Paolo Scafora it’s because the brand has not really taken off with sales as they have hoped. So if one is interested in some of these brands, it’s time to jump the fence, especially now when the price is so advantageous.

Carlos Santos makes its last appearances on the shelves of Skoaktiebolaget this summer. Here one of the models on sale.

But as mentioned, you also have models from the other brands offered on sale, Löf & Tung, Enzo Bonafé, John Lobb Paris and Saint Crispin’s. It varies a bit how many sizes are left of the different models that are part of the sale, sometimes it’s just a few, sometimes a lot.

John Lobb Prestige wingtip down from €1,440 to €1,000.

Enzo Bonafe black plain cap toe oxford is one of the models on sale from this Italian brand.

Scafora suede brogue, a shoe still available in lots of sizes, priced now at €695. Pictures: Skoaktiebolaget