This spring the new blog/website on quality shoes Stitchdown was started, which mainly focuses on workwear boots and more casual shoes. High level of ambition with varied and readable posts.

The man behind Stitchdown is Ben Robinson, a New York resident and shoe enthusiast, who wanted to do something more with his passion and started the blog. Of course, it’s written in English, and Ben writes quite entertaining and often elaborate. It’s everything from shorter buying tips to longer guides and reviews, a bit like Shoegazing in other words, although as mentioned the focus is on American and workwear boots and more casual shoes, while some dress shoes may also take place.

Boot from Wesco, an old classic American badge. Picture: Stitchdown

Boot from Wesco, an old classic American bootmaker. Picture: Stitchdown

It’s great to see new sites emerging that write about quality shoes (in my view there can never be too many), in addition to old foxes like me with Shoegazing, Justin FitzPatrick with The Shoe Snob and Mircea Cioponea who runs Claymoor’s List. Another newcomer blog that is admittedly about classic style in general but still has a majority of the posts about shoes is Misiu Academy, which is written by Stockholm-based Kostas Mandilaris. It usually appears new shoe blogs from time to time, unfortunately it’s common for those who run them to tire after a while or do not have time to continue, I hope these new ones will keep up the commitment also over time.