A new Swedish based online store for welted shoes has seen the light of day – The Noble Shoe. Here they take over the baton from Skoaktiebolaget and sell mainly shoes from Portuguese Carlos Santos, and they also offer affordable Made to Measure in collaboration with Croatian Zeb Shoes.


Behind The Noble Shoe is Stockholm resident Kostas Mandilaris, who also runs the style blog Misiu Academy. The online store has just opened its digital ports, and is currently receiving pre-orders on shoes that are expected to arrive now towards the end of July. Some 15 different models from Carlos Santos are offered, ranging from more conservative oxfords and boots to daring patina models in green. Prices start at €310.

Dark brown derby from Carlos Santos.

Green chukkas. Pictures: The Noble Shoe

A part from Santos The Noble Shoe also collaborate with the Croatian maker Zeb Shoes, who offer affordable Made to Measure, MTM, which is when standard lasts are modified according to your feet. You measure your feet yourself according to instructions from Zeb, and you can choose between six base lasts. It’s mainly more casual models that Zeb focus on, but you can also get more dressy stuff. Price starts at €460 for suede shoes, and price on shoes in Horween cordovan starts at €760.

Boots from Zeb Shoes. Picture: Zeb Shoes