Of course we’ll have a super trunk in Stockholm, Sweden, this autumn, on Saturday September 29 the sixth edition will take place. A lot of new stuff on the exhibition floor this year, CNES Shoemaker, Sons of Henrey, Zeb Shoes and Skomaker Dagestad with among others Miyagi Kogyo and Foster & Son RTW, plus the old fox Skolyx (Skolyx/Yanko/TLB Mallorca) and Gaziano & Girling. Also the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, a mini course on how to recolour shoes, shoe patina painting live, and the return of last year’s success Shoegazing Market  – a second hand marketplace where you can sell and buy used shoes.


You’ll find the event on Facebook here. And in the Swedish version of this post found here you find much more info about the event.


Date: Saturday September 28

Venure: Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23, Stockholm, Sweden

Schedule for the day:

10.00-18.00 Trunk show open for the publich, NO REGISTRATION NEEDED.
  • Exhibitions with CNES Shoemaker, Skolyx (Skolyx/Yanko/TLB), Sons of Henrey, Zeb Shoes, Skomaker Dagestad (Miyagi Kogyo, Foster & Son RTW, Dagestad by Santari) and Gaziano & Girling.
  • Also exhibitions with the main partner Paul Brunngård (shoe care), and the event paetners Granqvist (ties and accessories), Blugiallo (Made to Measure suits and shirts) and J. Hopenstand (belts).
  • Shoegazing Market, a second hand where you can sell and buy used shoes, more info in the Swedish version of this post
  • Exhibition with the top three from this year’s World Championships in Shoemaking, plus the winning shoes in the World Championships in Shoe Patina
  • During the day there will also be patina painting live with Michael Håkansson from Magic Mike Patina.
14.00-14.30 Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, in collaboration with Paul Brunngård, 1st prize 3 000 SEK and shoes from Loake.
16.00-16.45 Mini course in how to recolour shoes, with Michael Håkansson from Magic Mike Patina.

20.00 Dinner (on Jamie’s Italian at the street level of the hotel, register to shoegazingblog@gmail.com before September 25).


The super trunk is alwasy well-attended.


This post will be updated more soon, until then, read more in the Swedish version of this article here.


A lot of new aqcuintances  is what will meet the visitors of this year’s Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm. The event yearly attracts between 700-900 shoe interested visitors, and is as usual held in the central parts of Stockholm at Humlegårdsgatan 23, in the largest conference room on the second floor of Scandic Anglais. And as usual it’s organised by me together with Joakim Berggren, Roland Olsson and Adrien Combier Hogg. One of the exhibitors I’m most happy to have part is CNES Shoemaker, Vietnam’s largest manufacturer of Goodyear welted shoes with a very good reputation, a lot of shoes for the about €200 they cost. Skolyx is an old established exhibitor, and nowadays my employee, which has its own Goodyear welted range at just above €200, the affordable brand Yanko at €260, and then TLB Mallorca with among other things the new range Artista which I’ve been part of developing, lots of shoes for the €425 they cost. Sons of Henrey is a Belgian-Spanish midrange brand with really neat lasts and models, priced at about €360. Zeb Shoes from Croatia offers Made to Measure, where base lasts are modified after customers’ feet,and you can choose model and leathers, starting as low as €500, they come together with their Swedish partner The Noble Shoe. Last but not least we have the well-renowned Norwegian store Skomaker Dagestad with excellent Japanese brand Miyagi Kogyo, British bespoke maker Foster & Son’s new RTW range made in their new Northampton factory, about €800, plus a new very interesting premium range from Japan, introduced closer later.

Vietnamese budget brandt CNES make shoes looking much more expensive than the around €200 they cost.

Skolyx offer among other things TLB Mallorca’s  new massive bang-for-the-buch range Artista.

Punched cap toe in dark brown suede from Sons of Henrey.

Cool boots from Zeb Shoes.

Split toe derby from Japanese Miyagi Kogyo, one of three brands Skomaker Dagestad will bring.

Of course, the partners who make the super trunk possible are also exhibiting. We have the main partner Paul Brunngård, Sweden’s largest wholesaler for shoe care products and footwear accessories, which is undergoing a transformation of the brand and continues to develop its products, most recently with the line of fine sneaker care Shoe Shame. Partners are two in number. Granqvist, which has a wide range of Italian-made ties and accessories of fine Italian and British fabrics. And popular Blugiallo, who offer a solid Made to Measure service for suits, jackets, pants and shirts, and can also contribute with other things for the wardrobe.

Shoe care from Paul Brunngård.

Ties by Granqvist.

Blugiallo has received a lot of praise for their affordable MTM service.

We’ll also exhibit the top three shoes from this year’s World Championships in Shoemaking, fantastic craftsmanship not to be missed looking closer at, plus the winning shoes in the first shoe patina championship. These will then be at Skoaktiebolaget for a couple of weeks, where you also have the chance to view them.

Top three in the world champs in shoemaking, from left the shoe by 1st placed Daniel Wegan, 2nd Christophe Corthay, 3rd Eiji Murata.


Last year’s success Shoegazing Market returns. Here anyone can bring their used quality shoes, you can sell new shoes of the wrong size you want to get rid of, or stores may sell off new shoes if they are reduced by at least 50% from the regular price, and exhibit them to be sold to the super trunk’s hundreds of visitors. On the buy and sell section of Shoegazing’s forum (Swedish only), there are lots of second hand shoes sold every year, this is a physical continuation of this. Classic shoes of good quality that are not used too hard work well to sell on, and give pleasure to new owners instead of having the shoes gathering dust on the shelf. The opportunity to try out the shoes is clearly excellent also when you buy used shoes, and we have a system that will make it easy for your visitors to bring shoes that are part of the marketplace. In the swedish version of this post, it’s explained further, you can also email shoegazingblog@gmail.com if you want more info in English.

The Shoegazing Market last year.

On the stage, it is as usual the final of the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, in collaboration with Paul Brunngård, where three finalists have 20 minutes to polish a Loake Aldwych in mahogany as beautiful as possible. The final takes place at 14.00. The winner receives 3,000 SEK as well as the shined shoe and its sibling. Next week we will open up for the qualification on the Swedish version of Shoegazing.
At 16.00 there will be a min course in how to recolour shoes with Michael Håkansson from Magic Mike Patina. Many people have shoes at home that aren’t used too much because of their colour, and relatively easy you can make them in a new shade, especially if it’s about going from light to darker. Here Michael will go through the basics and share some tips. Michael will also be on site the whole day painting shoes, where he’ll show some more advanced stuff.

The final of the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining 2018.

In the evening after 20:00, we have a dinner open for everyone, a nice meeting place for exhibitors, people in the industry and visitors to chat in more relaxed and calm forms. This year we eat in the hotel restaurant Jamie’s Italian. E-mail shoegazingblog@gmail.com and register no later than September 25. It’s always a nice chance to talk more shoes with both visitors and exhibitors.

Warm welcome to take a weekend in Stockholm and visit this great event!

For even more info on all the exhibitors and the things happening, visit the Swedish version of this post.