Yesterday I received my third pair from the mythic Japanese bespoke shoemaker Eiji Murata, alias Main d’Or. Shoes made literally to perfection, incredible craftsmanship and finishing. Here’s loads of pictures of the masterpieces.


Eiji Murata, which is the man behind the brand Main d’Or, has his workshop and showroom in Matsudo, located west of central Tokyo. He is one of those bespoke shoemakers that do everything himself – patterns, lasts, upper closing, bottoming, finishing. Not only this, he does all parts to the absolute highest of standards. He does not produce more than 15-20 pairs of shoes a year, and with relatively low prices still (300,000 yen) he has more demand than he can handle. The waiting time is today about three years for new customers, including two fitting shoes, but he has stopped taking new customers several times the past years to not get the waiting time longer. You can read more about Eiji Murata in this report, in this buyer’s guide, and in this previous picture special. You can also see his third placed shoe in the World Championships in Shoemaking 2019 here.

The shoes in question, my third pair, is a slightly special wingtip, with more discrete single rows of punching. The leather is a reddish brown vintage box calf from the Italian tannery Ilcea. Already my first pair from Eiji Murata had a great fit, now with two chances of modifying stuff it’s getting quite close to perfect, some minor fixes with heel and behind right big toe bunion remains. And as mentioned, they are incredibly well-made. Thinking how high the difficulty of many parts are, it’s really outstanding execution. When you look at the pictures below, notice for example the smoothness of the edge finishing, the distinct upper welt finishing even with the tight 16 spi sole stitching, the perfect stitching and punching of the upper, and the extra narrow waist.

Now, on to a close-up study of the shoes in picture form:

Superb all around.