We live in a digital world, and nowadays a lot of both marketing and sales takes place solely online in various ways. One online shoe retailer who have successfully used many of the digital possibilities is Kostas Mandilaris of The Noble Shoe. In this episode we talk about the benefits and challenges with selling relatively expensive quality shoes only online, about how to work with digital marketing in various ways, and much more.


This is actually the first episode that’s been recorded after the coronavirus has turned the world upside down, and since one can’t travel like normal and I very much prefer to do these podcast interviews in person, we will likely see some more local Nordic folks represented the coming months. Luckily, we have lots of interesting shoe people up here.

Kostas Mandilaris at the London Super Trunk Show event 2019, which was sort of the starting point of his venture with The Noble Shoe. Picture: Misiu Academy

Kostas Mandilaris at the London Super Trunk Show 2019, an event that sort of drew him into the shoe business. Picture: Misiu Academy

One of them is Kostas Mandilaris, who is from Greece but have lived in Sweden for a few years. A bit over a year ago he started his webstore The Noble Shoe, selling mainly shoes from Carlos Santos, but nowadays also Paolo Scafora and Crockett & Jones. It has quickly gained traction thanks to Kostas excellent customer service and successful use of various digital channels, about 700 pairs have been sold since the start.

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