At the company I work for, Skolyx, we just had world premiere for a new range of Belgian loafers by the Spanish brand Yanko. Super comfy Blake stitched shoes with durable thin rubber sole and unlined reverse kudu suede or soft lined deerskin. Also info about the fact that the London Super Trunk Show has been postponed again to Saturday May 8 2021, and that the Stockholm super trunk won’t be held this year.


Belgian loafers have been increasing in popularity in recent time, with its casual appearance and soft, summery feel. At Skolyx we are therefore glad to be the first in the world to introduce a new Belgian loafers range from the Spanish brand Yanko, which we’ve been carrying Goodyear welted shoes from for a long time. The premiere range consists of four styles in unlined reverse kudu suede from British tannery Charles F. Stead, one in soft lined super supple deerskin. ⁠There’s two classic Belgian loafer styles, two saddle penny styles, and one tassel.

A classic Belgian loafer (though without the bow) in unlined dark brown reverse kudu suede.

Something that sets these apart from many other Belgian loafers is that these are made to last quite some time. They are manufactured with a Blake stitched construction and can be resoled, they have a thin half rubber sole which makes them much more durable, plus they have a leather board heel stiffener and thin toe puff to retain the shape. It’s a good combo between the comfort of the soft Belgian loafer model and properties that also gives durability. Price is €179 ($159 excl. VAT for those outside the EU).

Saddle penny Belgian in light/mid brown suede.

Soft and supple deerskin, where you also can see the thin rubber sole.

The suede is full reverse skins from the kudu antelope.

Tassel style.





The situation with the coronavirus has turned the world upside down this year. We first postponed the London Super Trunk Show from April 23, when the situation started to escalate in spring, to October 10. But since the situation still is uncertain in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, we have after discussions in the organising team, participants, visitors and the venue, decided to postpone it further, until Saturday May 8 2021. This also means that we are prolonging the qualifications for the world championships in shoe shining and shoe patina until March 24 2021. You can read more about this here in the invitation article to the event. Hope for understanding, and that we will see you in London in May instead!

Also, the “original” super trunk show in Stockholm will not be held this year, due to the same reasons, it will be back again in September 2021.