The British premium brand Gaziano & Girling has just started a sale on models that they will discontinue, and there’s large discounts we are talking about. 45% off on a pair of G&G should surely interest many.


According to Gaziano & Girling they will be releasing not only new shoe styles but new concepts and ranges of shoes that that they previously have not covered in the coming months, and therefore they are doing a sale on a number of models that they will discontinue going forwards. Currently about 20 different models from their various ranges (no Deco though, since it’s mainly an MTO range) are part of the sale, and some more will be added.

Some of the models from the sale. Pictures: Gaziano & Girling

As mentioned you can get them at a good price, most of the regular range models that usually cost around €1,200 (incl. VAT) are at €680 now, so about 45% off, which is quite a bargain. There’s several sizes left in most of the discounted models, also in regular sizes, so most should be able to find something to their liking. At least now when it just started, guess things will go pretty fast. Note that EU residents who buy from the UK now after Brexit will pay without VAT, but then be charged your own countries VAT rate when arriving in your country, no customs or duties though (some webshops will charge you in your local VAT straight away in the store, this will be stated in that case though).