The famous British brand Crockett & Jones finally launched its own webstore today. A great website which makes their whole, impressive range of shoes easily accessible for everyone around the world – apart from EU citizens, who have to wait a bit longer.


Crockett & Jones have had one of the best brand websites around for quite some time, with a good overview of their entire ranges with good photos and info, plus lots of other nice content around lasts, materials, manufacturing etc and good inspirational articles and more. There’s only been one problem. You haven’t been able to purchase anything from their store. To order shoes over distance one had to use their mail order service where you ordered from one of their own retail stores, certainly not up to date in this day and age. Well, 2021 is the year that C&J finally enter the digital era in full. Today a revamped version of their website is launched, with an e-commerce business part of it. All the excellent content is there, with some news here as well, but then most importantly you can now also order shoes.

In a building across the store from their factory in Northampton, Crockett & Jones has set up a new e-commerce department, with its own warehouse. Crockett & Jones have always been rather difficult to buy online for most, for a long time they prioritised regular physical retailers and the specialised e-commerce businesses in general had low stock on things. This is the big change now, to be able to access basically the whole range of their models, both Benchgrade and Handgrade, women’s collection and accessories. Unfortunately though, due to Brexit and issues following this it won’t be possible for EU citizens to order initially. They want to have a so-called DTP (Dutys Taxes Paid) solution, where EU customers pay the local VAT directly in the store, and what you pay in the store is the final cost, and haven’t been able to finalise all things needed for this yet. They expect to open up for EU orders before end of April.