Crockett and Jones

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Division Road The Patina Post
The web tip

The web tip – Division Road’s The Patina Post

The US shoe and clothing store Division Road today presented their sixth instalment of The Patina Post, where they showcase how the patina develops on boots and shoes. This round there’s models from among others Crockett & Jones, Tricker’s and White’s boots included, and together with the previous rounds they form a great base to see how footwear in many types of leathers ages.

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Buying tip

Buying tip – Crockett & Jones discounted at The Tannery

Some brands are very rarely on sale, often because they have stable collections that run over time and since they are popular and sell well at regular prices. One such brand is Crockett & Jones, which is unusual to find discounted. At the moment, however, The Tannery offers a 20% discount on its entire range, and even more on a few models. Also highlighting a couple of other equally interesting ongoing sales.

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