Crockett and Jones


Buying tip

Buying tip – Crockett & Jones discounted at The Tannery

Some brands are very rarely on sale, often because they have stable collections that run over time and since they are popular and sell well at regular prices. One such brand is Crockett & Jones, which is unusual to find discounted. At the moment, however, The Tannery offers a 20% discount on its entire range, and even more on a few models. Also highlighting a couple of other equally interesting ongoing sales.

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Event, Super Trunk Show

London Super Trunk Show 2017

We are very proud to invite you to the world’s largest open event for classic shoes, the first edition of the London Super Trunk Show, organized by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob. In the central parts of London on Saturday May 13 we gather no less than 11 brands from all over the world, three interesting partners, there will be the first ever World Championship in Shoe Shining, a panel discussion with people from the British shoe industry, and more. Below all info about this historic event.

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The web tip

The web tip – Crockett & Jones’ new website

The English brand Crockett & Jones is one of the more well established brands when it comes to classic shoes. Tonight they launched a brand new website that provides an excellent overview of their entire range, contains a lot of information about their shoes and the manufacturing, and also have some interesting features such as a guide to help you easily find the right model.

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