This week I bought a new pair of TLB Mallorca Artista shoes, a pair of reverse stitch toe derbys in dark brown hatch grain. A really great model, definitely worth it to share a bunch of pics of the goodies.


The shoes are bought through Skolyx, the company I work for and who is a retailer of TLB Mallorca (as I’ve mentioned before, yes I pay for all my TLB or Skolyx shoes, albeit only the wholesale price). It’s not technically a split toe derby, since the toe seam is only a decoration stitch and not holding two pieces together. Most would probably not see the difference though, since it’s made in a similar way with “skin stitching” done half way through the leather. They are made in a dark brown hatch grain leather from Horween, on the soft square last Velazquez, which really suits well to this type of model. It has all the great features of the Artista range, like the very slim waist even if it’s a city rubber sole, bevelling going in all the way under the heel for further strength, relatively tight cut heels, real leather heel stiffeners and so on. They sure look like more than the €425 ($401 excl. VAT) they cost. A bunch of pics below.

The Velazquez last is perfect for this type of model.

With the city of Gothenburg as backdrop.

Seen from above.

The apron and stitching at the toe are hand stitched, but it’s not two separate pieces that are stitched together in the toe, it’s a reverse stitch made on the back of a single leather piece, hence the name Reverse stitch toe derby if one are to be fully correct.

Front view.

Back view.

The sleek waist of Artista showed off.

Another view.

Some detail shots.