Lovable Brogue is a new blog about classic men’s shoes, which has offered a lot of readable content during its four months of existence, and hopefully will a continuing to do so for a long time going forward. The more good content on quality shoes, the merrier.


I’ve been highlighting a large number of other shoe blogs and websites on Shoegazing the past nine years (first years I only wrote in Swedish). Sadly many good ones have stopped updating. I particularly miss The Shoe Aristocat, a blog which was full of inspiration, and I was thoroughly sad when I recently noticed that Claymoor’s List after a long time of silence now also was completely removed. Like half my Pinterest-account, which I used a lot a while back, was of photos that Mircea Cioponea had gathered on Claymoor. I’m also starting to feel a bit nervous that Vcleat, the amazing site on vintage shoes, are being updated less and less. It’s not been the most updated site in general, but seem to go even longer between the posts and content updates now, really that David Kreinheder who run Vcleat will keep it up. That said, several of the better ones that launched in recent years have kept going strong and continued to develop, sites like Stitchdown which focus on workwear boots etc and Misiu Academy with often long reviews and interviews can be mentioned.

John Lobb Paris austerity brogues.

I hope that Lovable Brogue will continue in the same manner. It’s run by Sam, a shoe aficionado who’s been into classic shoes for almost 15 years, and it’s clear that he has quite good knowledge on the subject. The blog is updated at least once a week, and the content is rather varied, with focus on going rather in depth in reviews, comparisons between different brands, buyer’s guides etc. Sam is from the UK, which also is evident in the shoes he covers, but it’s not only British. Do pay Lovable Brogue a visit and enjoy the articles there, and hopefully we’ll have another good shoe blog that will keep going for many years to come.

Yeossal split toe derbys has been reivewed. All pictures: Lovable Brogue