Hear Rezső Kuti of the Hungarian brand Vass Shoes about why the brand have succeeded so well internationally, about why they’ve run a bunch of sales during Covid, about the Hungarian quality shoe business in general and how bad streets resulted in iconic shoe styles.


Vass Shoes is certainly the most famous shoe brand of Hungary, who’ve been making hand welted fully handmade shoes since the 1970’s. Rezső Kuti worked as Sales Manager for the company for almost a decade and built up its internationally successful MTO programme, he then spent a couple of years as Factory Manager for Heinrich Dinkelacker’s Budapest factory and started the brand Passus Shoes, before re-joining Vass Shoes as Sales Consultant about 1,5 years ago.


Rezső Kuti of Vass Shoes. Photos: Milad Abedi

We of course talk a lot about Vass, about the reasons for the brand’s fame around the world, about the massive challenges that the covid situation has put them in and how they’ve run a lot of sales simply to not have to lay off their shoemakers and staff, etc, but also about the Hungarian quality shoe business in general, with a long heritage and a characteristic style as a base, where most still do everything all by hand.

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