The “online tailoring” brand Luxire has become a big player in classic menswear, offering highly affordable made to measure clothing. Now they have introduced a range of Goodyear welted shoes, offered from only €110 including free worldwide shipping.


Luxire is a company who manufacture their products in India. I believe they own their own factory in Bangalore, and they are extremely quick with their Made to Measure suits, jackets, trousers and shirts which usually ships already within three days. They’ve been around since 2012, and have a good reputation for offering really good quality products at an impressive price. Nowadays they also have a range of RTW garments, mainly trousers but also some other clothes. They’ve been working on the shoe range for a while but as I understand it, it’s first now that they offer a full range of Goodyear welted shoes available on their site (at least that’s what they communicate on their Instagram, but can see that they had shoes out earlier to some degree with at least pre-orders etc, so a bit unclear to me).


Suede derby.

The shoes are made in India as well, and it’s mainly basic models like plain cap toes, semi brogues and wholecut oxfords in black and brown full grain leathers, but also stuff like saddle derbys in nubuck. All leathers are European, from France (including Annonay) and Italy, with Italian leather soles. The prices are really low, some nubuck models start at just €110 ($125) while the full grain calf leather shoes cost €130 ($150) and boots a bit more (don’t mind the crossed over prices, it’s just for show, Luxire is one of those brands who basically always have a “sale” on almost everything). Shipping is free to most countries, but one have to pay potential customs and VAT, so for US citizens nothing more will be added while EU folks should expect both customs and VAT on top. The shoes are made when ordering, stated 10 days production time, this do makes it possible for them to actually offer 0,25 sizes though for the entire range. To make people ready to take the plunge, they offer free returns at least now initially. I would guess that prices will be upped a bit later on, feels like they want to get them out there now first so people can start share fit experiences etc, hence the very low pricing.

Closed channel leather soles. All pictures: Luxire

Closed channel leather soles. All pictures: Luxire

I have no experience with the shoes, haven’t found input from others yet either, but from what I can judge by looking at the photos they are as expected at this price not that refined in the make and they should use a lot of the hides. However, they are indeed Goodyear welted shoes with closed channel soles at a very low price, so for those who are on a budget and want good construction and full grain leathers, could be highly interesting.