Shoegazing Podcast - Seiji McCarthy

New podcast episode with the American-Japanese bespoke shoemaker Seiji McCarthy who recently has done a revamp of his brand where he is merging classic American style with the precise, skilled Japanese craftsmanship. A talk about the revamping process, about finding oneself as a shoemaker, about his love for the relaxed elegance of traditional US style, and more.


In this episode you’ll get to meet Seiji McCarthy (Instagram here), a shoemaker with an American father and a Japanese mother, who grew up in Philadelphia on the US East coast but now since seven years lives in Tokyo, Japan. Here he is merging the Japanese highly skilled craftsmanship with traditional American style footwear.

Seiji McCarthy.

Seiji McCarthy.

This was not always the case though, up until a few years ago he did more dressy, British-Japanese style shoes, but Seiji felt that it wasn’t fully him and what he really wanted to do, so he decided to revamp the brand. We’ll talk a lot about this process, and about how his American heritage started to blossom first when he lived in Japan with the passion you can find here for this, about how he really wish to be a part of the Japanese preservation of American style, and much more. He offers MTO starting at $1,500 up to full bespoke.

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Seiji McCarthy samples.

In this old report you can learn more about Seiji McCarthy, it was written before the revamp of his brand.