The picture - Shoe art

To convince customers to choose to buy your shoes – out of a huge amount of options – one have to do all one possibly can. Not only to make the most lovely looking shoes one can achieve, one also have to display them the best possible way, be it on a website or in a physical store. Here’s a lovely example of the latter – a highly memorable display.


The photo is from Mario Bemer’s old store in Florence, and in a way it’s no surprise that some of the most spectacular shoe displays in smaller stores and showrooms I’ve seen are from this town (see this one by Saskia Wittmer, for example). It’s likely only Tokyo that has a higher concentration of bespoke shoemakers, and here in Florence part of ones customer group are wealthy tourists or business people who just happen to walk by and drop in. Then you have to create feelings immediately, have a wow factor, and then take things from there.