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Ace of Spades Shoes
Buying tip

Buying tip – Ace of Spades Shoes

For those fond of the charismatic spade sole look one normally would have to hunt for – often very expensive – vintage pieces from the first half of the 1900’s, or find a bespoke shoemaker who could do it properly. Until now, with the new brand Ace of Spades, offering Blake stitched or highly affordable hand welted vintage oozing spade sole shoes as MTO or MTM.

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The web tip

The web tip – Vcleat

The interest in vintage shoes is big in for example the US, Japan and Germany where it’s a niche with a lot of commitment and knowledge among those who are interested. An inspirational source is the blog Vcleat that guides to different manufacturers, its history and how to care for and restore old shoes, something that also those who are not interested in vintage shoes can greatly benefit from.

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