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Inspiration, The picture

The picture – Happy New Year

As always, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Although 2016 ended with a hacked blog (which I just now solved, that’s the reason that this post comes so late here on the English site), it has in many ways been a great year for Shoegazing where both the Swedish and English sites have grown, Shoegazing After Work has been standing events in several parts of the Sweden, and the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm was once again a great success. Next year more exciting things will happen, which will be revealed here soon.

Italigente Uncovered

Italigente Uncovered nr. 5

Time again for an insight into the work of the Swedish-Italian shoe brand Italigente. Today more about the cooperation with the Sweden National Football Team who wears Italigente’s shoes to their suit outfit now under Euro 2016, a look at how the new models that you readers provided input on looks in its final form, and a closer look at the new thin rubber sole.

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From the archive

Articles continued:

Italigente Uncovered

Italigente Uncovered nr. 4

Been a while since last time, but now once again an insight into the work of the Swedish-Italian shoe brand Italigente. Today, among other things, about where we landed when it comes to the upcoming news in the range where you readers have been involved and have given input, about the first addition in the entry line Italigente Basic, and about the fact that I’m from the 1th of January will start working for Kavat and Italigente full time.

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At the lower part of the sole edge here you can see the part of the sole that sticks out, which later will be folded over the welt. Picture: Hiro Yanagimachi

Competition – Winners and answers of find the difference

Time to present the correct answers to last week’s photo contest, where you should find the differences in construction and finish work between five pairs of pictures with shoes from various manufacturers. As expected, the competition was really hard, but we’ve got a winner of the shoe care package from Springyard Shoe Therapy with a value of over €1100, and a winner of the shoe cream and polish from the same brand.

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Italigente Uncovered

Italigente Uncovered nr. 3

One series of articles that’s present on Shoegazing is this one called Italigente Uncovered, where I let you follow the work “behind the scenes” at a Swedish/Italian shoe brand called Italigente that I’m working extra for, and also come with input to us in different ways. In this first article (it’s nr. 3 on the Swedish site, and since the articles in will align I decided to start of at that number here too to not confuse things too much going forward) you will get a brief story about the brand, see a resole work on a pair of our shoes, get news regarding new models, and also give your input on which models we should go for to put in production next year.

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