Akira Tani

Report – Akira Tani

The bespoke shoemaker Akira Tani, from Japan but based in Italy, has a lot of things that point towards soon being one of the most hyped makers in the industry: A slightly more casual house style highly suitable for how more and more people dress today, some of the best finishing in the world, and a price tag of just €2,300 (including VAT) for full bespoke. Shoegazing visited him in Florence.

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Interview – Marco Facchinetti, CEO Riccardo Bestetti

I regularly meet people from the shoe world and talk about things that may not fit in a big report or touch on any news or the like, but which can still generate interesting posts, so I’m starting a new article series with interviews of people from the shoe industry. First out is Marco Facchinetti, the Milanese who took over the company when his friend Riccardo Bestetti passed away last year.

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