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News – Tranchet Vif

We often talk about the fact that we see a sort of a renaissance for classic shoes nowadays, and yet another example of this is how we more and more see shoes produced in ways tha is closer to art than products supposed to be worn. It’s also what Christophe Corthays new interesting project Tranchet Vif is about. Also info on an upcoming contest in the next newsletter where one can win a well filled shoe care valet box from Care of Carl.

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The web tip – The Prologue

There are several really good blogs about classic men’s style and shoes in Asia that are excellent sources of knowledge about the manufacturers on the continent. Unfortunately, the vast majority are written in Japanese or Chinese, which makes them more inaccessible even in these Google Translate times. The newly established Hong Kong-based blog The Prologue who is writing in English is a shining exception.

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