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Reflection – It was better before

In many cases a retrospective view on things, “It was better before,” can be quite boring and negative, and mainly be due to nostalgic reasons. But in the case of quality shoes, it’s in many ways a truth that you can’t disregard. It really was better before – and it will most likely never be possible to make the same shoes again. Here’s why.

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Joe Works, Report

Report – Joe Works

The small Japanese RTW/MTO manufacturer Joe Works has quickly made a name for themselves both in Japan and internationally. It has not been due to mass marketing, they may be active on social media but do not do overly great pics, they just make really nice shoes and with that you come a long way.

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Report – Main-d’Or / Eiji Murata

He has produced some of the world’s finest shoes for over 12 years, he is highly praised by the bespoke shoemaking colleagues in Japan, and basically everyone who ordered from him celebrates his shoes. Still there are relatively few in Japan and around the world who know much about him. Meet Eiji Murata, the man behind the brand Main-d’Or.

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Guide – Toe shapes

How the toe is designed is perhaps the most important aesthetic part on a shoe. With its position at the front, it is the most visible, and much of how the rest of the shoe’s shape is perceived by the viewer is determined by the toe. Of course there are lots of different types of toe shapes, but this is an attempt to categorise and explain some traditionally used toe shapes,  and some overviewing categories. I also explained often misinterpreted expressions like chiseled.

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Report, Stefano Bemer

Report – Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer has in recent years become an increasingly important player in the Italian classic shoe sphere, with a more businesslike approach, RTW shoes and international expansion, while the company’s foundation with bespoke shoemaking and education have been maintained. Here is a closer look at the pride of Florence.

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