The picture

The picture – “Handmade” shoes

Do you think the picture above shows something being handmade? Sure, there are hands in the picture, but the main part here is a large, in this case also modern, machine. It stands next to maybe 30-40 other large shoemaking machines which are all part of the production of what nowadays more often than not are called “handmade”. To all shoe brands and shoe manufacturers out there who devaluate words and give untrue info to your customers, below is a list of phrases to help you give the correct info from now on. You are all welcome!

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Report – TLB Mallorca Artista

Artista is a new top range from the Spanish brand TLB Mallorca, a range that I’ve been involved in developing, through my work for their retailer Skolyx. It’s an ambition at bringing some features taken from bespoke shoes into the midrange price segment of Goodyear welted shoes, offering a lot for the €425 they cost. Here’s a report about this project, now about to launch.

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Buyer's guide

Buyer’s guide – Main d’Or

Eiji Murata, the man behind the brand Main d’Or, is one of the highest rated bespoke shoe makers in the world among people in industry, but still relatively unknown to most shoe interested people. Here’s a substantial buyer’s guide with an order of a pair of semi brogues as a base, where most of what you need to know about Main d’Or is included, among other things lots of pictures from the making.

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