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Guide – Waist definitions

This is certainly a complicated topic. Few things in the shoe world are as confused as how the waist and its edges are to be addressed correctly, where what once were one thing have transformed into something else and switched meaning with something third, and so on. Here I try to clarify it all.

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Picture special

Picture special – Melker Shoes bespoke Wellington boots

My latest acquisition is rather different from what I mostly wear, yet something rather intriguing, if you ask me. A pair of bespoke side seamed Wellington boots in Horween Chromexcel leather, where Swedish bespoke shoemaker Janne Melkersson of Melker Shoes & Boots have added a Scandinavian touch to a very traditional British model, and created a quite spectacular pair. Here’s lots of photos of both making and final pair.

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The picture

The picture – “Handmade” shoes

Do you think the picture above shows something being handmade? Sure, there are hands in the picture, but the main part here is a large, in this case also modern, machine. It stands next to maybe 30-40 other large shoemaking machines which are all part of the production of what nowadays more often than not are called “handmade”. To all shoe brands and shoe manufacturers out there who devaluate words and give untrue info to your customers, below is a list of phrases to help you give the correct info from now on. You are all welcome!

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