Shoe care


Event – Isetan Shoe Expo 2019

On the 11-16th of September the famous department store Isetan Men’s in Tokyo are hosting the first Shoe Expo, with lots of shoe happenings during several days. I’m pleased to have worked together with them on three parts, the premiere of the Shoe Shining Champions of Champions contest, where the three world champions and one Japanese champion, Swedish champion and Russian champion will battle it out in a huge competition, a seminar with the top trio in the World Championships in Shoemaking, and an exhibition with their shoes plus the world champs patina winner.

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The tip

The tip – Polish shoes after seasonal storage

Now that the spring is about to make its entrance here in the northern hemisphere, the leather soled shoes are brought out from the closet. After been stored away for a number of months it may be advisable to give the shoes a round of shoe care before using them, more on this in today’s post. Also briefly about an article in Financial Times How to Spend it about the entry of Japanese shoe manufacturers in Europe, where yours truly is one of the interviewees.

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