Stockholm super trunk show 2022

Finally time for super trunk in Stockholm again, on Saturday 24 September. Six shoe exhibitors from different parts of the world, plus three partners exhibiting. Also featuring, among other things, Swedish Championships of Shoe Shining, spit shine shine workshop, free shoe shine service and of course Shoegazing Market – the second hand marketplace for selling and buying quality second hand shoes.


The event is available as a Facebook event here, please mark participation there so we get a heads up on attendance early, and you are more than welcome to spread the word to your shoe-loving friends.

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Date: Saturday 24 September

Location: Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23, Stockholm

Schedule for the day:

11.00-18.00 Trunk show open to the public, NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED
– Exhibitions with Acme Shoes, Bridlen, Catella Shoemaker, CNES, Yearn Shoemaker / Arterton London, Skolyx (Skolyx/Yanko/TLB Mallorca/Midas).
– Also exhibitions with the event’s main partner Paul Brunngård (shoe care products and shoe accessories), and the event’s partners Granqvist (ties and accessories) and Blugiallo (MTM suits, shirts and other garments).
– Shoegazing Market, a second-hand marketplace where you can sell and buy quality second-hand shoes or heavily discounted new ones.
– Exhibition featuring the three podium-placed shoes from the 2022 World Championships of Shoemaking and the winning shoes from the World Championships of Shoe Patina.
– During the day there will also be a free shoe shine service by Paul Brunngård.

14.00-14.30 Swedish Championships of Shoe Shining, in cooperation with Paul Brunngård, 1st prize 3 000 SEK and shoes from Loake.

16.00-16.45 Workshop in spit shine polishing, with former national champion Anders Sundström from Paul Brunngård. All participants will receive a small shoe shine kit.

20.00 Dinner (in Bar Anglais & Restaurant adjacent to the hotel, register at before September 20).

The Super Trunks are always well attended.

Super trunks are always well attended.

A mix of new and old is what will greet visitors at this year’s Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm. The event, which usually attracts between 700-900 shoe enthusiasts, has had to be put on hold since 2019 due to the pandemic. As usual, it will be held right by Stureplan on Humlegårdsgatan 23, in Scandic Anglais‘s main conference room on the second floor. The stage is just outside. And as usual, the event is organised by me together with Joakim Berggren, Roland Olsson and Adrien Combier Hogg. This year, the Stockholm Super Trunk is held in conjunction with the Amsterdam Super Trunk Show, which we are organising the weekend after, on October 1, and many of the exhibitors will be in both Stockholm and Amsterdam. More info on the Amsterdam event soon.

One brand that will be showcasing in Sweden for the first time is Chinese Acme Shoemaker, which makes RTW and MTO to the same spec as bespoke shoes, with prices starting at around €1,500. Bridlen is a brand from India that makes old-school Goodyear welted shoes with no gemming, and at an impressive price of around €260. Catella Shoemaker is the brand of the Swede Daniel Wegan, the 2019 world shoemaking champion, offering bespoke shoes of the absolute highest standard that have become hugely popular since launch.

Acme Shoemaker makes RTW and MTO the bespoke standard-

Acme Shoemaker makes fully handmade RTW and MTO to bespoke standard.

Nice adelaides by Bridlen.

Nice adelaides by Bridlen.

Catella samples, among the best shoes you can get.

Catella samples, among the best shoes you can get your hands on

CNES Shoemaker is Vietnam’s largest manufacturer of Goodyear welted shoes with a very good reputation, a lot of shoes for the approximately €230 they cost and with a new really interesting range of hand-welted shoes. We have Chinese Yearn Shoemaker offering lovely fully handmade shoes at around €500, here with their European partner Arterton London. And then Skolyx, which most people know by now, my employer, and which has its own range of Spanish-made Goodyear welted shoes for just over €200, and affordable Yanko which is €300, then TLB Mallorca with the Artista range which is really great shoes for the €450 they cost, plus hand welted boots from Midas.

Handmade loafers by CNES.

Hand welted loafers by CNES.

Yearn Shoemaker makes some sweet looking stuff.

Yearn Shoemaker makes some sweet looking stuff.

Skolyx offers TLB Mallorca's new, very affordable Artista line, among others.

Skolyx offers TLB Mallorca’s very affordable Artista range, among other things.

Of course, the partners who make super trunks possible are also exhibiting. We have the main partner Paul Brunngård, Sweden’s largest wholesaler of shoe care products and shoe accessories, who has just launched its own new premium line of really nice shoe care products, in addition to its already extensive range. The partners are two in number. One is Granqvist, which has a fine range of Italian-made ties and accessories in fine Italian and British fabrics. And then the popular Blugiallo who offer a solid Made to Measure service for suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and more, and can also help with other wardrobe essentials.

Paul Brunngård's new luxury shoemaker range.

Paul Brunngård’s new premium shoe care range.

Ties from Granqvist.

Ties from Granqvist.

Blugiallo has received very good reviews for its affordable MTM service.

Blugiallo has received very good reviews for its affordable MTM service.

We will also be exhibiting the top three shoes in the World Shoemaking Championships, amazing craftsmanship that you should really take the chance to have a closer look at, and the winning shoes in the World Championships of Shoe Patina. They will also be in Loakes’ shop on Humlegårdsgatan the week before, so there’s a chance to see them there too.

Top trio in VM. From left, winner Wataru Shimamoto's shoe, 2nd place Ken Kataokas, 3rd place Kenjiro Kawashima.

The top trio in the world champs. From left, winner Wataru Shimamoto’s shoe, 2nd Ken Kataokas, 3rd Kenjiro Kawashima.

The undersides.

The bottoms.

Shoegazing Market is back, which has been really popular in previous years with lots of shoes for sale, and many that’s been sold. Here anyone can bring their used quality shoes, you can sell new shoes in the wrong size that you want to get rid of, or shops can sell off new shoes if they are discounted by at least 50% from the RRP, and put them on sale to the super trunk’s hundreds of visitors. The buy and sell section of the Shoegazing forum sells lots of second hand shoes every year, this is like a physical continuation of that. Classic, good quality shoes that haven’t been overly used work great to resell, bringing joy to new owners instead of the shoes just sitting on a shelf, or worse, being thrown away. The opportunity to try out the shoes is of course excellent even when buying second hand, and we have a system in place to make it easy for your visitors to bring shoes that become part of the marketplace. In the Swedish version of this post it’s described more in detail how this works.

Shoegazing Market was what first greeted visitors when they arrived at the Scandic Anglais at Stureplan last weekend.

Shoegazing Market section a previous year.

On stage, as usual, there will be the final of the Swedish Championships of Shoe Shining, in collaboration with Paul Brunngård, where three finalists have 20 minutes to polish a Loake Aldwych in mahogany as beautifully as possible. The final will take place at 2pm. The winner will receive 3,000 SEK plus the polished shoe and its sibling. More info in the Swedish article, and in the a coming article on where we open up the qualifying.

At 4pm Anders Sundström from Paul Brunngård, who is a former national champion and who developed the new range of shoe care products from the company, will hold a workshop on how to polish a spit shine shine. Everyone who joins in and tries it out with their own shoes will receive wax polish from Brunngård, among other things, to take home afterwards.

Finalen av SM i skoputsning 2019.

From the 2019 shoe shining final.

In the evening at 8pm we will have a dinner open to all, a nice meeting place for exhibitors, professionals and visitors to chat in a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. It will be held at Bar Anglais & Restaurant, located on the ground floor adjacent to the Scandic Anglais lobby. Register at by September 20. For those unable to attend the event, the stage programme will be livestreamed in a slightly simpler form on

Welcome everyone!

On the Swedish version of the blog, you may read more about the event.